Friday, May 28, 2021

Have a Wonderful Summer!!!

Important Information

Your scholar should have brought home some reading information. The first part is their log on card so they can access Reading A-Z this summer! The second page shows the student's current reading level; if they are below, approaching, at, or above the first grade reading level; and all the phonograms they currently know! The third page is their dibbles report. The forth page gives some information on how to strengthen your scholar's reading abilities. The fifth page is the parent/caregiver tool kit. It gives you tips about reading with your scholar. The last page is a reading log for students to keep track of all the books they read this summer!

Farewell from 1D

I cannot believe this is it; the end of the most unusual school year to date! Thank you for your unconditional support,  trusting me to teach your scholars and prepare them to be spectacular second graders! They are ready in all facets of the sense, and to be honest, they have been acting like second graders for a while now (Hahaha).  Remember to keep them reading during the summer! Encourage them to play 'school' with their siblings and practice those phonograms. Practice math when you can! Encourage them to expand their vocabulary by using new fun words! And most importantly have fun this summer! Spend time together and cherish the time with your scholars! They are an awesome bunch of kiddos!!!

The end of the school year is an exciting time, yet sad at the same time. I will be moving to north Austin this June (due to my husband's job). I will be working at a school in north Austin this next school year. I have LOVED working at Great Hearts and am excited for the new direction Western Hills is headed! I will truly miss each and every scholar I had this year. They were the kindest, sweetest, most curious bunch I have had! I LOVE how they loved learning and how their faces would light up when they discovered something new. I wish them all the best in second grade. I know they are going to be superstars!!!

Mrs. Zimmerman 

I'm so grateful that I've been able to be a part of this journey with your scholars. They work so hard! Not a day went by where I was not amazed by them! Shakespeare wrote in his play Romeo and Juliet "Parting is such sweet sorrow" and I feel this statement so strongly. Saying goodbye to your scholars is so hard, but they have worked hard and are ready to continue their educational journey, so I couldn't be happier!

Much love,
Mrs. Chisholm

Farewell from 1C

Thank you 1st grade for all the memories.  This was my first time teaching 1st grade and I will always cherish the all the joy and laughter we shared.  Seeing you all mature in Spalding was one of my greatest joys.  I will miss you all and I look forward to seeing you in the hallways next school year.  Keep trying hard things. Have a wonderful summer and eat lots of tacos!
Mrs. Olivas

Greetings to parents of 1C!
It has been my pleasure to teach your scholar this year!
We have had many obstacles to overcome with distance learning, to on campus learning, to switching teachers, switching of assistance, new students, students leaving and keeping all of your scholars safe.
During all these challenging, I felt nothing but love and support.
Your children have filled my heart with love and so many love notes and special gifts.
My first year of teaching in a school has been very rewarding.
I can not thank each of you enough.
A special thanks goes to Ms. Longoria and Ms. Olivas for their love and support as well!
Ms. Epp

Farewell from 1A

Dear First Grade Families,
It has been a privilege and honor to have worked with you and your children this past year. I congratulate both scholars and parents for working together while at home while learning online and completing assignments. During the summer I encourage all our first-graders, soon to be second-graders, to read daily, memorize your addition and subtraction math facts, tell time by the clock, and keep a writing journal of what you will be doing during your time off. I wish you a relaxing, fun summer and look forward to greeting you as students of second-grade, while you walk down the hall in the fall!
Ms. Kramer 😊

Dear Families,
I started working with your Scholar late in the year, but I grew to love them pretty quickly. I’m incredibly thankful for the time I’ve had with your child. I can confidently say we’ve all grown, either academically, in character, or both. I am saddened to hear that some will not be returning to GHWH next year, but I look forward to seeing some sweet, familiar faces in the hallways. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement throughout the year. It is deeply appreciated. Enjoy your summer!

Ms. Cavazos

Have a Wonderful Summer!!!

Important Information Your scholar should have brought home some reading information. The first part is their log on card so they can access...